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3DMax done using NURBS baseball bat

3DMax done using NURBS baseball bat

Tutorial by the Tom.Klejne to http://www.3dspline.com/www.3dspline.com. Site written.

In this tutorial, I'll teach you in very basic ways to create surface nurbo a baseball bat. This tutorial teaches you U lofting (U-loft) and the establishment of CAP NURBS surface. In the construction of the baseball bat on the NURBS shape than rotation (LATHE) has several advantages. One advantage is: you set up a baseball bat, you zoom and move through these circles to create other different baseball bat, another advantage is: can the generated animation.

1. Open the 2D or 3D capture switch, it will make your work easier. Click the create panel, click the round, in the TOP view, a circle, the same as Figure 1.1, it will rely on as your baseball bat in the top place.

Figure 1.1

2. The former view, hold down the shift key, move the circle down a bit. When the clone options dialog box appears, select copy, click OK. Now enlarge the circle below that shown in Figure 1.2.

Figure 1.2

3. Repeat until you get a number sufficient to form a baseball bat round so far, as shown in Figure 1.3 (Note: These do not need too perfect round, when the surface has been completed, the tutorial in the back of the real-time operation can It is even more perfect)

Figure 1.3


. Is to transform these curves to NURBS spline time! Select the first round, click Modify panel, click the "edit stack", from the drop-down menu, select NURBS, (Translator's Note: If you are using a version of 3ds max 4, this step is right click, in the event of The menu, select NURBS) which will change the circle for the NURBS curve. (Note: If you change before you have other modifiers available to the circle, to be by clicking on the collapse (collapse) button to collapse the stack first,)

Important: When working in NURBS, it is best to open "force 2-sided" argument, unless you want to reverse each of the second surface normal. Right-click in the perspective view Perspective words Office, select configure, open the force 2-sided argument.

5. Click the button, Ren Yishun order additional all round. In order to make some use of NURBS surface, this step is necessary. NURBS is still in the edit panel, open the exhibition surface volume bar, click the cap button, select the first round (in the baseball bat on top of that small). This can be in the circle on a plane, as shown in Figure 1.4.

Figure 1.4

6. Start building the real surface. Still in the development of surface volume column, click the U-loft button, then click the top of the circle, and then click the second circle, then the third round, right-click here to stop U lofting operation. Should now look as shown in Figure 1.5.

Figure 1.5

7. Now narrow view, use the same method in the third, fourth, fifth circle, right-click again to stop here. Below it should look as shown in Figure 1.6.

U do not stop it setting out to build a step because the baseball bat because: U U lofting lofting objects along been to more parts to adapt to a smooth surface, so if there are obvious corners, we can make the whole U lofting the surface of the object is distorted.

Figure 1.6

8. Now you should be aware that the U-loft and cap how this works. Therefore, through the U-loft to complete this model, the shape of the rest, and put a circle in the bottom of the lid, look down the final result as shown in Figure 1.7. If you look down and not right, here to teach you real-time changes in the modifier in each step. Still in the edit panel NURSB rollout, click the child object, select the curve. You can select each curve, zoom / move it to where you want, the surface will automatically be updated.

Last result map:

Figure 1.7

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