Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Believe it or not! Memory buy three strategies buttoned

Athlon64 and P4 platform has now completely universal, because lead users to upgrade the system memory bandwidth hungry, no less than the Chinese team won the Chinese fans desire. Therefore, the current level of DDR400 and above memory under unprecedented attention. This article is a particles from memory breakthrough, we recommend the memory by the excellent reputation of particles with high-quality parts and superior production quality memory modules.

First, the particle itself is good or bad quality of the quality of the memory modules is almost vital. Particles like a good girl to be married must have the same "after the name of the door" and "clean record" two conditions.

The so-called "well-born" is to be famous maker of memory particles. Although the use of brand-name manufacturers of memory particles do not necessarily represent the memory module is excellent, but the particles with unknown brand of memory is obviously not good performance. Now well-known brands of memory particles HY (modern), Samsung (Samsung), Winbond (Winbond), Infineon (Infineon), Micron (Micron) and so on. Brand-name manufacturers in the FAB, the in harsh conditions (constant temperature and humidity, no water, no electricity), and after long months of physical, chemical, optical reaction, only a qualified silicon wafer smooth birth. After the polymer and then relied on close cut, leaving only the highest quality performance in the middle part of the essence. Then selecting the essence of these "cream" of encapsulation. The next factory will be packaged particles rigorous testing. In the original tests, test equipment according to the procedure required to complete the testing process, consuming 600 to 800 seconds, test temperature of -10 ~ +85 degrees Celsius. During this testing process can guarantee a good compatibility particles (particle Compatibility determine the compatibility of memory) and durability (durability particles determines the memory overclocking capability and service life). As the chip-level test equipment is very expensive, and its life under the working time, and it is usually in seconds. So the testing process for the production cost greatly. Until the test, particles were allowed to be marked with quality and quality on behalf of the original Mark. Until here this "Name the door Young Lady" before becoming born.

By "etching printing" Winbond CH5 quality particles:

The so-called "clean record" is to ensure the particles represented by a symbol and consistent quality. Because some unscrupulous businessmen often the so-called OEM memory particles (derived from the above-mentioned silicon wafer scrap, and not through the original test of the secondary product particles) changed the original sign bogus "names the door Young Lady." Through careful observation of particles on the original signs are clear, whether the mill had to identify traces of authenticity.

Second, the quality of parts is also excellent memory modules can be to Make an indispensable condition. "A door feminist" only accompanied by a component of the dowry can "casual Chu Ge." High-quality PCB board for memory particles impact on the similar in stable and reliable motherboards with the role of the CPU.

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